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He is a Tale
Passed to young and old
He is the Key
That only fits her whole
He is the Warrior
That only fights her war
He is a King
Crown more begotten
He is a Lion
Clans hear him roar He is a Charmer
Women love his guts
He is a Lover
Serenades her the best
He is a Story
One she'll always tell
He is an Art
The one she loves the most
He is a Tale
Passed to young and old
~Raudat Muhammed~


I like him Bronzed and skin shiny
A born King from African descent
One rain would reach long before me
Schedule so tight we can't resist
Muscles fly but flesh be seen
Brows so full to beat my scanty
I like him Mature et jaunty
Man with words soaked in wisdom
One that knows how to please us
And loves in thin-thick and deeper
Man so gentle yet so wild-
Is what I'll have Day and Night

~Raudat Muhammed~


Round and round the globeTaking the wrong boring roadsWith men clothed in furBelieving their words for real
Crone's words I disbelievedThat love is not done aloneThat love is sweet and mutualAnd filled with peace and respect
How do I stop but countTwo or plenty of timesMy heart had wrongly divedTo the ones I thought would fit
He is an Angel, yes for realAmidst the deviling crowdSent to flush my miseryA partner, blood and soulmate
I will stand on Everest peakRoar more than the loudestAnd tell the best of listenersThat you are my Lover, my King
Let it be known now and foreverThat Love is no pain but gainsAnd if Love is this deal I feelI never loved until now

~Raudat Muhammed~


Not afraid of the sunNot shaken by the prying eyesSwaggered to the statue of goldLike a man face to faceWith his dreams, his future
Maybe she is his FutureFor no man alike would be ledOnly one like her, shiny as GoldTo take a grip of this statueSame statue men seized and failed
And day light it clearly isUndaunted soul from mankind Stole this statue, meltedEven before the grip from himHe was the Man, her King

THERE'S NO ONE-  For Arie B.

There's no one to bring me chopsWhile I lay in bed lazy and warmWho would even care but youThat I freeze and shiver when it's coldWho would bring me that cold waterWhen my tongue makes me say OThen bring me some change of clothesWhen my bring-along laid on ropeHow am I gonna sleep tonightWhen I know distance is not the plightTexts and Calls and Chats...Yet your presence means the worldThe gists the games, now I miss them allYou are my sun, my light, man-all-in-allDon't leave me window-staringShun that foot and come!By Raudat Muhammed


Beneath this skin that's cold
    Is a woman you are yet to know
    Beautiful, Strong and Bold
    Masculine you can call her
    Her knuckles bear the scars
    Scars from men she had beaten,
    From battles fought and won
    Her face is fierce and strong
    And her hair wild and scary
    Beneath that thin weary skin
    Is a woman broken and hurt

Raudat Muhammed

Does it mean I'm in love?

When I include you in my prayers
Before the early morning sun
Does it mean I'm in love?When I try to look my best
Anytime you call to see me
Does it mean I'm in love?When I close my eyes
And all I see is you and me
Does it mean I'm in love?When I'm sick and weak
And your presence heals me quick
Does it mean I'm in love?When I cancel other plans
Just to be with you
Does it mean I'm in love?RaudatMuhammed


I knew I was going to lose you
The moment you said distance
Was no longer an issue
When you kissed me
With your eyes wide open
When your heartbeat was normal
As I laid on your chest
When you began to look at me
Like I was some strange girl
And stopped doing things
You used to do to meI knew I was going to lose you...

Raudat Muhammed

October Fever

The strange wind
Blew in my direction
Embracing my subconscious
So fast I couldn't notice
And soon I was marvelled
By this smart Prince from nowhere
First my thoughts, then my heart
Now he's everywhere
Who could have thought
My heart would be reawakened
One more time
Raudat Muhammed