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Beneath this skin that's cold
    Is a woman you are yet to know
    Beautiful, Strong and Bold
    Masculine you can call her
    Her knuckles bear the scars
    Scars from men she had beaten,
    From battles fought and won
    Her face is fierce and strong
    And her hair wild and scary
    Beneath that thin weary skin
    Is a woman broken and hurt

Raudat Muhammed

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Does it mean I'm in love?

When I include you in my prayers
Before the early morning sun
Does it mean I'm in love?When I try to look my best
Anytime you call to see me
Does it mean I'm in love?When I close my eyes
And all I see is you and me
Does it mean I'm in love?When I'm sick and weak
And your presence heals me quick
Does it mean I'm in love?When I cancel other plans
Just to be with you
Does it mean I'm in love?RaudatMuhammed


I knew I was going to lose you
The moment you said distance
Was no longer an issue
When you kissed me
With your eyes wide open
When your heartbeat was normal
As I laid on your chest
When you began to look at me
Like I was some strange girl
And stopped doing things
You used to do to meI knew I was going to lose you...

Raudat Muhammed

October Fever

The strange wind
Blew in my direction
Embracing my subconscious
So fast I couldn't notice
And soon I was marvelled
By this smart Prince from nowhere
First my thoughts, then my heart
Now he's everywhere
Who could have thought
My heart would be reawakened
One more time
Raudat Muhammed


She was free spirited
Thought the world was right
Thought everyone was like her
As she stained her feet and palms
She knew all was wrong
And crawled back to her shell
Coming out to look just like them
A quick rejuve she calls it

Raudat Muhammed


I can't remember the last time
     I kissed someone and closed my eyes
          I can't remember the last time
          Someone called me beautiful
          I can't remember the last time
        I put up a picture and boldly said
                         "That's my Man"
           I can't remember the last time
         I was proudly shown to the world
                       As someone's girl
         Or held so close for a night walk...

              But I remember the neglect
                   From the ones I loved
        The hatred and unreturned favours
                 The lies, the Fake feelings
                   How can I even forget
               The days with the monsters
      Those who came in all shades of Love
                  To devour and deceive...
                       I can't also forget
                   How the times I failed
           Brought me lessons and strength
          For now I can see from a distance
            A specimen of s…

WHERE IS MY BEST FRIEND? 5 ....A touching Story!

I was always great at eavesdropping, I could hear what Tumi and his cousin were saying,  they sure needed some privacy. It seemed the room they were in shared the same wall with the restroom, I became more nervous.

"What about the Jeep? You sent a message regarding that"

"Yeah, Bro! That dumb ass is in police custody,  now he's gonna talk. We need to do something,  Bro!"

"You know what, hang around for a few minutes, her friend just came around. I'll discard her and then we go there"

After the last statement, Tumi made, I kept my senses awake until I heard their footsteps no more. I knew that if I had flushed the toilet, anyone would have noticed I was there if they were still close, I held my handbag tight and managed to walk out of the restroom without anyone noticing.

"I've been looking for you everywhere. Have you been crying? ", Tumi asked as we both met at the balcony where we previously sat.

"I just can't help but cry...&qu…