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WHERE IS MY BEST FRIEND? 5 ....A touching Story!

I was always great at eavesdropping, I could hear what Tumi and his cousin were saying,  they sure needed some privacy. It seemed the room they were in shared the same wall with the restroom, I became more nervous.

"What about the Jeep? You sent a message regarding that"

"Yeah, Bro! That dumb ass is in police custody,  now he's gonna talk. We need to do something,  Bro!"

"You know what, hang around for a few minutes, her friend just came around. I'll discard her and then we go there"

After the last statement, Tumi made, I kept my senses awake until I heard their footsteps no more. I knew that if I had flushed the toilet, anyone would have noticed I was there if they were still close, I held my handbag tight and managed to walk out of the restroom without anyone noticing.

"I've been looking for you everywhere. Have you been crying? ", Tumi asked as we both met at the balcony where we previously sat.

"I just can't help but cry...", I burst into tears again, scared to sit close to him

"Calm down, I told you Chief is doing his best to bring back my sister. What was it you said you wanted to tell me?"

"Erm...nothing Bro, just that I've been having nightmares. .."

"Oh c'mmon! Is that why you came all the way here? You should have called me to keep you company. Ok, here's what we gonna do, I have to take care of some business now. So, you go home, I'll meet you there. And please stay positive."

Tumi walked me out of the door and smiled at me, at that moment I wished I was some witch who had some superpowers to punish him. I so despised him. Hurriedly, I walked down the road looking for a taxi to take me home.

"Madam which area?", the taxi driver asked

"Just drive!", I told him

It took us some minutes to get to my place as there was a delay on the road, the road construction workers had stopped cars from taking the side of the road that was supposed to be the fastest route. I picked my suitcase,  a few clothes, my passport and other documents. The driver had started the car when I remembered to pick something very important; Bukky's picture.

Sitting in the car, many thoughts crossed my mind. I had no idea where I was going to, I had no idea who to call or what to do, all I wanted was to be far away from the walls, the evil walls that surrounded me. Going to the village was not a great idea, I would be endangering the lives of my parents, so I moved to other options. I cried bitterly as I thought about my friend,  I had promised her in my heart that I would do everything I could to save her, but there I was, knowing who was behind the kidnapping and unable to say a word about it; I was a coward. I cried more...

"Madam make I take left or right?", the driver asked,  this time looking behind

"Just take me to airport road", I said to him as I wiped my tears

It looked like an abandoned government organization,  more like an old shopping complex. The man at the gate had told me the last floor was the hotel. There was no elevator,  I took the staircase all the way up. The receptionist did not care to know my name,  all he wanted was the money, then he gave me the keys. I knew I would be staying there for a long time.

All night I could not sleep,  I tried to do the math, so many answers came up as I tried to find out Tumi's involvement with his sister's kidnapping,  I held my Bible so tight as I prayed for the life of my friend and others who were in danger. With my eyes shut, I prayed to God to take me out of the situation.

"Hmmm. Nice place, nice choice too, I must admit"

An image of a man leaning against the old wardrobe caught my attention. I thought I was still dreaming until he put the lights on. He ordered me to pick my things and follow him. We held hands walking down the staircase like a couple just as he had instructed, then as soon as we got to the car park, two shots were fired from different directions, I became more frightened. He pushed me into the car and ordered the driver to move.

"Who are you? Where are you taking me to?", I asked him as he tied my hands with a rope

"When you get to the factory, pull over!", the strange guy ordered the driver again and ignored my question

For so many minutes we drove past beautiful houses until we began to see empty space and then mountains, I had no idea the city had mountains, maybe we had driven into another state. There was no familiar building, nothing I could connect with. Then the driver finally pulled over.

The strange man got out of the car with his phone in his hand, that was when I took a good look at him, he wore a brown jacket and a blue pair of jeans. He looked like a gentleman, someone who had a good life. I decided to talk to him when he got into the car. Meanwhile,  I reached for my handbag so I  could quickly make a call but could not find it. I wished I had informed someone, because right there, in the middle of nowhere, only God could save my life from the unknown men.

"Plans changed. Drive to the gas station!"

The driver reversed and took right,  driving into a lonely road. I heaved a sigh of relief and spoke to the strange guy again, hoping he would reply my question.

"Please tell me, where are you taking me? Don't I have the right to know?", I asked again, feeling some pain around my bruised arm

"Pull over! Dan, pull over, we have company! ", he ordered the driver one more time.

I said my last prayers and closed my eyes, I knew it was going to be a bloody day.

To be continued. ..

Do you think Bukky is in more danger?
Is the strange guy working for the Police,  Tumi or another group?
Do you think Bukky's best friend would survive this one?

Find out in the next episode.

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