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THERE'S NO ONE-  For Arie B.

There's no one to bring me chops

While I lay in bed lazy and warm

Who would even care but you

That I freeze and shiver when it's cold

Who would bring me that cold water

When my tongue makes me say O

Then bring me some change of clothes

When my bring-along laid on rope

How am I gonna sleep tonight

When I know distance is not the plight

Texts and Calls and Chats...

Yet your presence means the world

The gists the games, now I miss them all

You are my sun, my light, man-all-in-all

Don't leave me window-staring

Shun that foot and come!

By Raudat Muhammed


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He does not just make me smile;
He laughs at my jokes
He doesn't just tell me "sorry" when I'm sad
He cries with me
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He does not make me wish for a better man;
He becomes the best

~Raudat Muhammed~


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