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THERE'S NO ONE-  For Arie B.

There's no one to bring me chops

While I lay in bed lazy and warm

Who would even care but you

That I freeze and shiver when it's cold

Who would bring me that cold water

When my tongue makes me say O

Then bring me some change of clothes

When my bring-along laid on rope

How am I gonna sleep tonight

When I know distance is not the plight

Texts and Calls and Chats...

Yet your presence means the world

The gists the games, now I miss them all

You are my sun, my light, man-all-in-all

Don't leave me window-staring

Shun that foot and come!

By Raudat Muhammed


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He does not just make me smile;
He laughs at my jokes
He doesn't just tell me "sorry" when I'm sad
He cries with me
He does not only admire my career;
He supports me
He doesn't just watch me pray;
He prays with me
He does not make me wish for a better man;
He becomes the best

~Raudat Muhammed~


I am a lonely Soul
Hovering around humanity
Love slips off my palms
Like the jellyfish from downtown
For I always try and fail
Ask around no one knows me
I am that kinda loner
Who doesn't know what it means
To have help coming her way
'Cos when I'm in pain and grief
There's always no one to call


Patience is a virtue every woman who wants to be successful should have. It helps you overcome so many obstacles. In relation to relationships, no one has ever been advised to rush into one. But our hearts mislead us, we see a man who has the physical qualities we want, and then we fall in love. Being in love is like being in the perfect world, you are blinded and you only get to see what is appealing to your eyes.

Men may seem to be strong physically but their hearts are more fragile, they do not hold grudges for long. That is why you see men fighting today and making up tomorrow unlike women. When you look back to your past relationships, you would realize that some would have actually worked out if u had more patience to deal with issues. Let me give you one scenario where my relationship would have worked if I didn't make quick decisions.

My first boyfriend was from an entirely different religion and culture, which was our number one problem. We were really young, we rushed into…